#FierceAF: Transform Your Body!

(Specifically for the woman who feels overwhelmed and doesn’t like gyms.) #FierceAF is our transformation program at Venus Fitness Studio in Modesto—created to give women the tools to achieve the total body makeover they want! 

Program runs February 3 - March 15 | Kickoff is Feb 1 - 10a & Feb 4 - 6:30p

2 payments of $239

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What is #FierceAF anyway?

If you are wondering what #FierceAF means – It means Fierce As F*ck! Yeah, that’s gonna be you girl! 

If you’ve landed on this page, I bet it’s because you are ready for a change. You’re probably interested in a total transformation of your confidence, lifestyle, energy levels and all things fitness and health.  

I’ve streamlined the transformation process in such a way as to take the mystery out of exercise and nutrition to achieve strength and sexiness for the long haul. Not some quick fix.  

In #FierceAF you’ll get all the tools you need to reach your fitness, nutrition and mindset goals in 6 intense, fun and effective weeks—finally LOVE your body.

#FierceAF may not be the answer for you, however, I’m excited to share more with you in hopes that you'll decide if you want to join this crazy, flirty, fitness familia at Venus. 

​ And, if #FierceAF is the right fit, you may be in for some amazing results similar to the women below. 

“Having heart disease and shortened life expectancy, I was on beta blockers, steroids and more. I learned how to eat healthy, portion control and how to exercise. Diane taught us that sexy isn’t a size, and strength is both internal and external. I took charge of my health and am 50 pounds lighter.” -Julie

“The instructors at Venus have changed my life in every single way” -Ana (20 pounds lighter)

“I am down 32 pounds and feel amazing. I feel strong and much healthier. I am down to a size 6. I highly recommend Venus. I have met some awesome girls who have become super close friends and have amazing coaches that keep me going.”-Aubrey

What you'll get with #FierceAF:

If you really want the total body makeover, it requires a commitment! The good news is, we’ve got you covered so that if you're committed, you can’t possibly fail. This quick-start program has helped hundreds of Goddesses just like you live a life of fitness dreams! 

  • Access to unlimited workout classes designed to burn maximum calories at Venus Fitness Studio
  • 6 semi-private personal training sessions with one of our expert trainers
  • Nutrition made easy with meal plans, grocery lists, recipes
  • Customized macros that tell you your specific calories needed for fat loss
  • Daily coaching emails to help you with motivation, nutrition, mindset and more 
  • Unlimited online and email support to help you stay on track
  • An in-person workshop where you'll learn our baseline exercises, get your measurements and progress photos
  • Membership to a private VIP Facebook Group for accountability
  • Access to an online portal for at-home workout videos if you have to miss class
  • A finale party to celebrate with your fellow #FierceAF women!


2 payments of $239

Begins February 3

*Deposit charged now. Balance will be charged automatically on the start date via the card you have on file.


When is it?

Runs February 3 - March 15, 2020.

We've got two opportunities for you to attend our infamous Orientation and Kickoff to get started!

Feb 1 at 10am OR Feb 4 at 6:30pm

What if I can't make it to the orientation?

No worries! I will arrange a time to meet with you during the first week to get you off and running so you don't miss a thing.

If I already have a membership/punch card at Venus can I still participate?

Yep! We can put whatever you have currently on hold and resume it once the 6 weeks ends!

I've tried all kinds of programs (counting points, omitting certain food groups, weight loss shakes, you name it) why is this program different?

Because besides all of the amazing workouts you will experience, you will also LEARN how to create easy permanent habits. You eat REAL food, learn how to make wiser choices and STILL create opportunities to enjoy your not-so-healthy favorites. YES, you can have your cake and eat it too (in moderation:)

How often can I (do I need to) come to workout classes?

I know we are all "busy", but this 6 weeks is about YOU! I always tell my Goddesses to give themselves a minimum of taking 3 classes per week but I'm suggesting you to set a goal to take 5 per week for this program. You can come up to 7 days per week if your schedule and body recovery allow.

Is nutrition part of the program?

OF COURSE! This is the KEY to your success. We cannot "out train" bad nutrition. It is a simple and straight forward program that has flexibility yet yields serious results. Once you are taught how to implement new habits with our flexible meal plans you are much more likely to have continued success long after you leave Venus.

What are the class times?

Monday - Friday: 5:30am, 8:30am and 5:30pm Mon - Thurs: 6:15pm Tuesdays: 6:30pm Saturday: 8:30am

How long are the workouts and what will I need?

Strength Training classes: The studio bootcamp workouts are 45 minutes. You’ll want to wear comfortable workout wear, sneakers and bring a sweat towel. We also have water and coconut water available for purchase should you need some hydration. Other than that, we have all of the other tools needed for the workout. 

Alternative & Recovery classes: These classes are an hour long. Come in something comfortable to move around in (yoga pants are fine). Yoga mats are provided but you can feel free to bring your own.

Personal Training Sessions: These sessions are an hour long and are held at Venus Fitness Studio of Modesto

Is #FierceAF REALLY the right program for me?

Do you have 6 weeks to focus and hit it hard (all-in on YOU)? Are you frustrated because you aren't seeing results from your current fitness program (or lack of)? Are you intimidated by a gym setting? Are you feeling self-conscious and hiding behind baggy clothes? Do you avoid certain social settings or events because you are "waiting" until you lose some weight? If you answered YES to any of these questions, trust me, you belong in this program.

More questions? Wanna chat about if this is the right program for you? Call us at 209-529-7653!

Meet Your Guide to Total Transformation

You see that picture to the left? That’s me before at about 202 pounds. As you see, it’s not that I just teach and train others how to transform, but I have learned how to do it through trial and error myself. Life is one long transformation. For better or worse, it’s up to you to evolve into the best possible self that you can become. I’ve made it a lifetime obsession to assemble the right team to design a second to none transformation program.  

Just like you, I’m not immune to temptation from bad food, negative thoughts about myself or an occasional desire to skip a workout or three. What myself, and my team, have discovered is a fool proof system to minimize those negative thoughts and snowball our successes into a lifelong transformation momentum.  

Yes, I’ve got a couple transformation photos to go along with this bio. But, the real power is behind the personal evolution the programs at Venus have made in my own and other’s lives. Your journey starts with wanting to make the exterior change, but the transformation occurs on every level in your life. Join me on my mission to help transform the world 1 person at a time, starting with YOU gorgeous!